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Wineries can be visited by wine-lovers and anyone who wants to get to know the world of vineyard and wine. Visiting the wineries includes a short tour of the vineyard, a tour of the areas of production, bottling, aging. The visitor has the opportunity to taste the wines of the Vineyard in the special wine tasting rooms with the beautiful view of the vineyard.


Wine tasting is the art of "trying", "tasting" a wine. To approach it with our senses, to appreciate it with our memory and with a "vocal" vocabulary to express its quality, describing its characteristics. Without taking into consideration the subjective criteria of each of us, our final result is based on the pleasure of the wine we taste. And the pleasure is the mixture of impressions that we collect from its color, aroma and taste. So we need to look at these three features. Its color, perfume and finally taste. So, with the passing of time, we arrive at a point where we begin to perceive the characteristics that differentiate the wines we taste. And we want to talk about them, describe them and keep them in our memory.


Enjoy the beauties that nature has spread around but also get to know the works of man, worthy of the charm that surrounds them: archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, museums, buildings of folklore or any cultural interest combined with a unique visit to the winery you choose ! We offer you unique experiences in recognized wineries of our country that will offer you an unforgettable experience! Visit the website and take a look of what we can offer you! The Wine Roads are a touristic offer to the modern tourist. They suggest selected routes that cross the most picturesque areas of a wine-growing zone. We organize for you and your needs multi-day or day-trip events at the wineries of Greece (Epirus - Macedonia - Thrace), in combination with a sightseeing tour of the place we visit! Take a taste and come to experience an unforgettable experience!