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Στα Χνάρια της Αρκούδας

Στα Χνάρια της Αρκούδας

Στα Χνάρια της Αρκούδας

Στα Χνάρια της Αρκούδας

Departure from the pre-set point and start at the central square of Metsovo at an altitude of 1150m.

We follow the main road between the Town Hall and the Holy Temple AgiaParaskevi, which is the central temple of Metsovo. At 250 meters we reach in a crossroad, we follow by the right road, after 150 meters we arrive at St. George's Park where the two races are separated and we continue straight ahead having the park on our right hand. After 400m.asphalt road we arrive at the KatogiAveroff Winery-Hotel, after having reached the first kilometer of the race. We continue for 1.100m.slightly downhill, we reach a crossroad and we follow the right direction where for the next 500m. We have the first uphill of the race winning 80m. height difference. We complete 2.600m. and turning left, we find the UrsaTrail route. For 250m. we follow a cobbled path that leads us in front of the Tenana Museum with its characteristic bronze roof. For 100m.we follow a slightly downhill cobbled path and 150m. cement road. We meet the asphalt again, we continue for 20m. slightly downhill and leave the asphalt.

We turn slightly left, enter a downhill cobblestone road leading us to the Holy Temple Agion Panton, we pass through the courtyard with the temple on our left hand and after 150m. We reach the neighborhood of Saint Dimitrios with the homonymous church. From this point began the first settlement of Metsovo and gradually expanded upwards beginning today from the 1,000m. up to1270m. altitude. We follow for 50m. asphaltroad from the left side, descend for another 50m. on a cement road and completing 3,600m. race, we reach the point of separation of the two routes.

We continue straight onto the cement road, after 200m. we reach a plateau with a wooden kiosk where we meet the 23.5 km of Ursa Trail and the remaining kilometers are common for the two races until the finish. At this point we turn right onto the uphill cobbled path, we are at 3.8 km. at an altitude of 1,030m. For the next 3.2km we have continuous uphill up to the 7th kilometer at an altitude of 1,500m. at the top of the Karakoli Ski Center. This section is the most difficult of the race.

To get to Karakoli we follow for 200m. uphill path, we meet the southern part of Metsovo, we follow left direction with asphalt uphill road in the settlement. At 600m.we arrive at "Grays", we meet a crossroad, turn right and after 30m. we turn on the left we follow an intense asphalt uphill track for 200m.For 20m. We have straight and light downhill, we immediately enter an uphill cobbled path and after 200m. we reach the church of AgioiApostoloi, on the right there is a stone fount with drinking water. After 100m.we continue slightly to the left and, by completing the 5th kilometer, we enter the Tositsea Woodworking Factory. While going out we meet asphalt road, we follow it from left for 200m. and at the intersection we pass across from the army's monument. From that point begins a strongly uphill path that leads us from the 1,250m altitude, at the 7th kilometer of 1,500m. altitude in the "Karakoli" location through pine, rosemary and beech forest.We go downhill just by the end of the cable car (from the first in Greece) and after 700m we reach the "Politsiora" location and the 1st stop at 7.5km. at 1.415m. altitude. From here begins a smooth climbing through meadows, clearings and beech forest to the location "KaligomenoAloni" at the 10th km, 1.600m. altitude (the highest point of the race). For another 2 km. we follow a ridge in a beech forest and clearing with easy alternations in the slope. In the next one and a half kilometers with easy downhill in a beech forest, we arrive at the "Valentiliosani" at the 2nd refueling station 13.5 km. at an altitude of 1,400m.From here we follow the path of a section of the skiing track in the form of a forest road with wooden bridges in the beech trees and alternations in the slope of the ground. Going out of the forest we pass a small wooden bridge, crossing the asphalt passes across and we go up for 100m. the downhill course of the "ProfitisIlias" ski center.We go down for 100m, going to the right we enter again into a beech forest and after one kilometer of easy trail with the forest alternating with clearings and meadows, we reach the 3rd station at 17km. at 1400m. altitude. We leave for 100m. dirt road, turn right and climb to 1460m altitude, where the downhill starts, and following the downhill course of Karakoli ski slope we reach the 18th km of 1,300m. altitude.We cross the asphalt road, enter a path for 200m. and we pass in front of the "Pindos North Park Information Center". We pass across and beside the indoor gym, we are now in the settlement of Metsovo and in the last kilometer of the race we follow for 150m. asphaltroad and then downhillcobbled road. We pass next to one of the oldest fountains in Metsovo and after 500m we take a round of the square and finish on the statue of the bear.

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Route Distance: 18km

Altitude Difference: 900m

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